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STEM Mentor Resources

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM) and the 25th anniversary of the AAAS Lifetime Mentor Award, AAAS hosted a working group meeting in 2016 on New Directions for Inclusive STEM Education & Career Mentoring with a select group of recipients of both awards. The goals of the meeting were to (a) reflect on what we know about effective science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational and career mentoring and (b) identify new directions to scale up effective STEM mentoring.

The discussions about barriers, strategies and recommendations for effective STEM mentoring that began in the 2016 meeting continued in a 2017 meeting with PAESMEM and AAAS Mentor Award recipients. The outcomes from the meetings included identifying some of the:

***Key research related to STEM mentoring, including the Proposed Attributes, Example Objectives and Potential Metrics for Improving and Assessing Mentoring Relationships

***Current government, foundation, and non-profit efforts to scale-up STEM mentoring; and

***Recommendations for advancing best practices and research in STEM mentoring.

The full report from these meetings is on line at Print copies of the report can be requested by email at

The 2016 and 2017 mentor meetings were supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Human Resources Development (HRD) grant numbers 1631967 and 1734226.

The 2006 AAAS Report from Study Group Meetings to Develop a Research and Action Agenda on STEM Career and Workforce Mentoring is also online. An updated review of the STEM mentoring research literature can be found in the 2015 publication, Successful STEM Mentoring Initiatives for Underrepresented Students: A Research-Based Guide for Faculty and Administrators, by Becky Wai-Ling Packard.

The white paper report by the 2005 PAESMEM awardees, Mentoring for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Workforce Development and Lifelong Productivity: Success across the K through Grey Continuum can be found here.