Providing opportunities for scientists and engineers to learn first-hand about policymaking while contributing their knowledge and analytical skills in the federal policy realm.

Legislative Branch Fellowship

Fellows spend a year on Capitol Hill helping to research and draft legislation and provide input on policy review and oversight. Placement opportunities are in the offices of Members of Congress and in Congressional Committees.

AAAS sponsors two congressional fellowships; additional ones are available through our partner societies. Individuals are encouraged to apply to a AAAS-sponsored fellowship as well as to any partner societies for which they qualify. AAAS administers the placement process and professional development program for all Congressional Science & Engineering Fellows.

Program Manager

Rick Kempinski

Fellowship experiences can vary considerably from one branch to another, between agencies, and even among offices within the same agency. Read the stories of some congressional fellows below. Click here to learn about other fellowships.

What Do Legislative Branch Fellows Do?

Fellows serve alongside congressional staff bringing scientific rigor and expertise to a wide variety of activities including:

•    Briefing Members of Congress and staff on scientific and technical topics.
•    Meeting with constituents and special interest groups.
•    Writing issue and policy briefs, talking points, speeches, and press releases.
•    Drafting and negotiating text for legislation.
•    Staffing budget authorization bills from preliminary agency reviews to House-Senate conferences.
•    Coordinating oversight investigations.
•    Planning and implementing events in Washington and in congressional districts.
•    Organizing hearings.

Fellow Stories

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