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As one of the top voices for science worldwide, AAAS strives to build a boldly inclusive, mobilized, and global scientific community that ignites, enables, and celebrates scientific excellence and science-informed decisions and actions. 

Our work touches every aspect of the science and technology landscape, highlighting the critical role science and innovation play in bringing about the transformative changes needed to address our most pressing problems.  

Your philanthropic support will help:

  • Provide actionable, nonpartisan evidence to decision-makers at all levels of government to help inform policy and action.
  • Strengthen the research ecosystem, including through our Science family of journals, to drive discovery and innovation. 
  • Cultivate relationships built of mutual trust among scientists and key groups, including policymakers, faith and community leaders, judges, and journalists, to inform decision-making and counter misinformation.
  • Advocate for sustained increases in federal funding and advancing policies that prioritize science and technology.
  • And strengthen the intrinsic link between scientific excellence and a diversity of thought, experience, and identity, which is essential to unlocking solutions to many of our global challenges.

AAAS is a 501(c)3 organization. As no goods or services are provided in return for any charitable contributions, the entire amount is tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

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