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Donor Spotlight

Spotlight on Dr. R. Larry Baldwin, Retired General Surgeon, Farm Manager, AAAS Member and Donor

Dr. R. Larry Baldwin grew up in a home of scientists. His mother studied chemistry and his father had a Ph.D. in biochemistry. His father’s work—as Director of Research at Cargill—demonstrated to him how science could improve the world in infinite ways, even simply by improving the food we eat.

From his parents, Dr. Baldwin "learned what science can do."

Today, he is a retired general surgeon, farm manager, and food producer near the small northern Minnesota city of Hibbing. Science remains an important part of his life. He believes that science is a way to investigate reality; give us an increased awareness of ourselves and our surroundings; and improve our health and productivity as a whole. It offers irreplaceable value to individuals and communities. And, above all, science cannot be allowed to be diluted or diminished.



Larry Baldwin, M. D. 

“The result is best when pursued by honesty in the heart of the investigator.” –Dr. R. Larry Baldwin

Having seen the journal Science on his father’s desk since he was 10 years old, Dr. Baldwin has a long history with AAAS.  He joined as a member in 1999 and became a President’s Circle donor in 2015. At a time when evidence based decision-making is increasingly important, Dr. Baldwin supports AAAS because it is ‘a reliable and strong proponent of science.’ He is an active participant in AAAS’s Trellis, a digital communication and collaboration platform for the scientific community.

For 170 years, AAAS has been the most recognized and most effective force to move science and technology forward for the benefit of all people. Philanthropic gifts provide us with the critical resources we need to respond to opportunities and challenges as they emerge.

We are deeply grateful to Dr. Baldwin and to the thousands of people who support AAAS each year.

If you would like to join Dr. Baldwin in being a strong voice for science, please make a tax-deductible gift to the Flexible Action Fund today.