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Teacher of the Month: Griffin Kidd


Griffin Kidd
Teacher, Haddonfield Memorial High School in Haddonfield, New Jersey

Background: Kidd teaches algebra-based physics, AP Physics C: Classical Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism, Forensic Science, and Intro to Engineering. During the summer he runs a project-based enrichment class in engineering for middle school and high school students at Moorestown Friends School, in Moorestown, New Jersey. He is also an adjunct professor who teaches physics at Rowan College at Burlington County.

Question 1: What are you most proud of in your work?

Answer: After I started teaching, I realized many high school students do not know about the numerous career opportunities within engineering. With the encouragement of the administration at Haddonfield Memorial High School, I developed a project-based course to introduce students to engineering. My class now runs every year and has inspired many students to pursue a career in engineering.

Question 2: What do you do to remain current and bring the latest science into the classroom?

Answer: I have continued the research I was conducting at Drexel University for my master’s thesis in environmental engineering, maintaining a working relationship with some of my professors. I share my research with my students and also assign them a research project where they are required to read recent journal articles and report to the class about current issues in science. I also keep up by reading Science and other scientific journals.

Question 3: What fuels your passion for science and teaching?

Answer: I am constantly inspired by my students' thoughtful questioning as well as by their approaches to problem-solving. I quite often develop new lessons and class projects based on creative approaches I have witnessed from my students.

Question 4: If you could pick one scientist to come speak to your class, who would it be and why?

Answer: Nikola Tesla, because he was one of the most prolific inventors. He was also a great entertainer, engaging and inspiring his audience with his inventions. I would also like to ask him his feelings about Thomas Edison.

Question 5: Tell us about a hobby or passion outside of work.

Answer: I love picking up and going on excursions with my wife and our three daughters.

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