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Tech-I 2014 Finalist - Charles Akhimien

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The GIST initiative is led by the U.S. Department of State, and the Tech-I competition is implemented by AAAS. 

Charles Akhimien - OMOMI


Stage of Development: Start Up


Sector: Healthcare 


Country: Nigeria





  • Dr Emmanuel Owobu, Co-founder
  • Raman Anurag, Software engineer

Company Description: 

MOBicure is a mobile health (mhealth) startup which provides mobile technology solutions in health care, especially for the developing world. Our fl agship product is called OMOMI (which means “my child”). OMOMI is a mobile application that enables parents to easily monitor their children’s health at the touch of a button. The app has a vibrant Mothers Community (a social platform where mothers interact with one another as well as with doctors) which has enabled mothers to spot potential life-threatening health problems in their children even before they become apparent. OMOMI is the very FIRST and ONLY app worldwide that focuses on addressing ALL of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Childhood Survival Strategies—which were
developed to reduce child and maternal mortality. With almost 2000 downloads in just a few months, the product has over 500 active users.