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Tech-I 2014 Finalist - Mixon Faluweki

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The GIST initiative is led by the U.S. Department of State, and the Tech-I competition is implemented by AAAS. 

Mixon Faluweki - PADOKO CHARGER


Stage of Development: Idea


Sector: Energy 


Country: Malawi





Company Description: 

Padoko charger is a mobile phone charging device that enables individuals to charge their phones and other electronic devices using a bicycle as they travel between locations. This provides a solution to the lack of electricity in the majority of homes in many African states, including Malawi. With the introduction and rise of technological gadgets, such as mobile phones, many people are forced to pay money every time they need to recharge their devices. Alternative available energy sources are comparatively expensive making them inaccessible to majority of the targeted customers. Padoko charger aims to solve these problems as it utilizes a readily available source, a bicycle, which is owned by the majority of individuals in Africa to charge a number of devices.