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Audrey Glynn

Audrey Glynn
Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

2008-09 National Defense & Global Security (NDGS) Fellow at the Department of Defense

Audrey Glynn, who is in the Office of Naval Research-Global at the Department of Defense, also recognizes that understanding cultural differences is an important aspect of international security. How can deployed troops interact favorably to bring about peace?” she queries. “Sometimes we don’t realize we are offending people in a different culture.”

Audrey, who has a PhD in infectious disease from Pennsylvania State University, has always had an interest in the international implications of science. “I understand the value of being an expert, but I craved learning about various pieces of the puzzle,” she says. During her fellowship, one of Audrey’s main duties was to organize an international workshop on human, social, cultural, and behavioral sciences and modeling. Understanding the social and cultural influences on behavior can support activities such as security missions and disaster relief. “We brought scientists together from different disciplines—in areas such as anthropology, political science, economics, sociology, and neuroscience.” “It’s critical work because it is a largely undefined field.” The workshop, held in Istanbul, Turkey, included scientists from four continents.

“It was a really educational experience for me,” she says, “one in which I used both instrumental leadership, emphasizing the completion of tasks, as well as expressive leadership, focusing on maintaining group morale and minimizing tension and conflict.”

Audrey renewed her fellowship for a second year in her office, and would like to continue with the type of work she is doing now. “I might like to work on social science efforts in combating terrorism,” she says. “The experience as a Fellow is fantastic. I have expanded personally and professionally.”